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Are you making your 3-D printer work for you?

3D printing technology is certainly at the forefront of technology these days. There are many options out there to choose from. The applications are endless.

In the past, QSI would outsource anything that was best suited for 3D printing. A few months back, we justified the investment to purchase our first printer.

Before long, one turned into two, and the third arrived this morning. We continue to find more and more applications that make sense to 3D print versus machining out of steel, aluminum, or plastic.

Choosing the right printer for your application is critical. QSI chose to invest in a printer that offered the ability to print with continuous fiber material or CFF (Continuous Fiber Fabrication) for strength and durability.

Making an assessment of things that can be printed versus machined is the key. Why not 3D print part fixtures for automation? Most part fixtures are wear items and need to be replaced over time. If you can offer quick turnaround, low cost replacements, then it makes sense to 3D print them. Below are some examples of tooling that we have printed:

Building expasion update

Building coming along nicely. We’re still planning on being moved in and ready to go by the first of 2019!