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QSI Shines at Fanuc North American Integrator’s Conference February 2020.

Fanuc Sales Leadership

FANUC annually awards companies which distinguished itself with exemplary leadership in sales and integration of FANUC robots. QSI is proud to have earned this honor for 2019 and hopes we’re a strong candidate again in 2020.

Fanuc Sales Growth

QSI received, for the third time in four years, an Oscar for outstanding sales growth which is awarded to companies that have a 50% increase in FANUC sales compared to the previous year.

Award Presentation

Pictured above (L-R) are Carl Miller (Indiana District Manager for Fanuc) and accepting the awards in behalf of QSI is Tom Milton – Lead Controls Engineer. Tom takes great pride in his work here at QSI and truly is a master in his field.

QSI Staying Busy During the Pandemic.

QSI has been very fortunate through all of this uncertainty with loyal returning customers and new customers looking to build relationships. We have continued to bolster our engineering capacity as needed to keep up with demand and stay on track with current projects.

QSI welcomes the following new team members:

  • Andrew Fought
  • Douglas Maley
  • Christopher Wine
  • Jason Lovejoy
  • John Osborn
  • Edward Childers
  • Bob Knight

New Emerging Markets

We have a fantastic opportunity in the EV market that includes 5 standalone automaton cells and we expect to see many more opportunities in this new emerging market. It’s very exciting to have the opportunity to be involved early in the process and build some lasting partnerships that will carry us into the future.

A couple pics below of just a few of the machines that have shipped out recently or will be shipping soon.

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What is new at QSI?

QSI remains open for business as an essential business!

We want to assure you that we take the health and well-being of our community, customers, and associates very seriously. Like you, we’re closely monitoring the quickly developing effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are practicing social distancing and implementing other safety precautions for those associates required to be physically present at our location. Those associates who can be productive from home are doing so. We are all in this together. We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will follow guidance from public health officials and government agencies, so we can continue to support our customers and communities as needed.

Please check out our updated Website and E-Store!

We’re happy to announce that we officially launched our new website back on January 24th.   The goal of redesigning our website was to optimize our customers experience and provide a more intuitive way to navigate our online web store. From the homepage, company information is accessible in one or two clicks. Customers can view each department, our latest news, and our online store with improved features. The redesign and launch have already had a positive effect with an increase in online store sales. Maintaining and updating our website plays a vital role in making new contacts and alerting us of new opportunities.   A snapshot of the new home page is below…

Automation Group

The 3 systems pictured and 22 other automation projects are all either on our floor being assembled, or in mechanical design right now. We have 15 Fanuc SCARA robots and 2 Fanuc six-axis robots on the floor as well. If we can help with any upcoming projects please contact us here.

Custom Machining Group

C-frames for our Plastics Machinery Group and Dial Table for the Automation Group getting machined at Custom. Having the ability to do this internally is what sets us apart from our competitors. We control quality and lead time on most, if not all, of our machine builds. We don’t have to wait for someone else’s schedule to receive custom machined product. Custom Machining specializes in large format machining and all of our groups here take advantage of that whenever possible. They do such a great job! Contact Mike McCoy with any large plate/format machining needs.

Feeder Bowl Group

Pictured below left is a vibratory feeder bowl with traditional vibratory inline tooling. Pictured below right is a non-traditional option that is available, depending on part geometry, to replace inline tooling for robot pick functions. If you are interested in learning more about this, please contact Ryan Berkes for more information.

(Above) parts fill silhouette tooling mounted directly to feeder bowl, from left to right. Part presence on each cavity is detected with sensors and parts can be picked directly from tooling with robot EOAT. This concept is especially useful to prevent shingling of thin or stamped parts with traditional inline tooling.

2020 EWPTE (Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo)

QSI had been preparing to exhibit at the EWPTE show being held in Wisconsin on May 13-14. Our Plastics Machinery Group and Mold Design Group were planning to showcase our new line of Atlas Injection Mold Machines. We have since received word of the postponement of this trade show until the fall of 2020. We will keep you posted should any of you want to visit with us there when the new show dates are released.

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2019 Year in Review

2019 Year in Review

Thank you, again, to all of our new and returning customers that helped make 2019 such a successful year. Below is a short summary of 2019 from each of our departments:

Automation Group

In 2019, the automotive, medical, and small appliance sectors were strong and kept us extremely busy. Robot integration led the way with many of our systems utilizing multiple six-axis robots working together to assemble and test components.

In 2020, we’re excited to build upon some of the new partnerships we’ve formed as well as strengthening our existing partnerships.

Plastics Machinery Group

If you are looking for an experienced custom machine builder with over 30 years of experience in the automation industry, please contact our sales team.

2019 saw the release of our Atlas line of vertical clamp molding machines. The 30 ton Atlas was officially introduced in early fall. Several machines were sold by year end and quote activity looks very strong heading into 2020. Also, design has begun on the next Atlas line in the series, a 60 ton hybrid model. The 60 ton Atlas will feature energy saving technologies to help keep operating costs to a minimum. The PMG-60 is planned for introduction in late spring of 2020.

If you have a rebuild application, a controls retrofit/upgrade application, or looking for a custom solution for your mold machine requirements, please contact Rich Taube.

Mold Design & Build Group

Mold sales for 2019 were steady. Mold orders from customers in the appliance, lighting and wire harness industries were especially strong in 2019. Indicators for 2020 mold sales continue to point to strong activity from these industries. 2020 also looks to see increased mold building activity in certain sectors of the battery industry.

Please contact Mark Garrison with any mold applications we can help you with.

Custom Machining

In 2019, we continued to expand coverage in the fixture and gage, automation and specialty machine markets. With machine to print capabilities covering both large and small details, QSI Custom Machining added new customers across multiple industry segments and are positioned for continued growth in 2020. If you have a large format machining application, please contact Mike McCoy at Custom Machining.

2020 at a glance!

All of our groups see another strong year in 2020. Capital spending and investments in assembly technology is on the rise so we hope to capitalize on that with our newly formed and existing partnerships throughout all the groups here at QSI.

Our second ATLAS 30 Ton shipping this week!

To learn more about the Atlas line of vertical injection mold equipment, please contact Mark Garrison @ 260-693-1500 or email him here.

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The big day has finally arrived!

Meet Atlas…the first of its kind!

QSI Automation is proud to introduce Atlas, a new line of vertical clamp injection molding machinery designed specifically for insert molding applications. The first in the Atlas line is the PMG-30. This machine features a C-frame design with 30 tons of vertical clamp force via dual hydraulic clamp cylinders. The machine is designed to allow the injection unit to be mounted in either a standard horizontal (pictured above) configuration, or can be converted by the customer to inject in a vertical configuration.

Atlas Horizontal Inject

The Atlas features a user friendly 10” touch screen display with intuitive screens for easy navigation. The control can hold up to 1000 mold recipes and programs are easily backed up using an on-board flash drive. Other standard control features include trending graphs, change log screen, production monitoring and includes different levels of password protection. Screen configurations can also be customized per customer preference.

The PMG-30 is available as a stationary lower platen, side-to-side shuttle, or a 2- 4 station rotary table. Custom machine options are available to meet specific customer needs.

For more information about the Atlas line of injection molding machinery please email or call Mark Garrison at 260-693-1500 ext. 108.

What’s happening in Automation

Below is number two of three total systems we are building for one of our repeat customers. This system features the following:

  • Six (6) Fanuc LR Mate 200iD six-axis robots. Five (5) QSI built vibratory feeder bowls.
  • One (1) Two-position rotary dial table. Three (3) Cognex vision cameras.
  • One (1) Kistler maXYmos process monitoring system. One (1) Eight-position centerless servo indexer.
  • One (1) Keyence laser marker.

Utilizing the centerless indexer minimizes the overall footprint of the machine and provides maintenance personnel easy access to the part nests, robots, and other peripherals. The hard guarding (not pictured) for the feeder bowls, robots, and laser marker has five (5) safety-interlocked operator access doors.

The collaborative effort between our feeder bowl department and automation sets us apart from our competition. No engineering time is lost waiting for an outside supplier mandating feed rate and orientation of the parts.

2019 QSI Golf Outing Winners!

Parker Hnnifin-Albion brought their A-game this year with a winning score of 51. Pictured left to right are Jon Metzel, Kevin Likes, Drew Straub, and Shawn Yoquelet. Congrats Team Parker!

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Coming soon…

All Posts

If you are curious about what is behind our logo and can’t wait for the official release from our Plastics Machinery Group in a few weeks, please contact Mark Garrison for more information.

QSI joins GreenSeal® Alliance…

We are happy to announce that QSI has joined the GreenSeal® Alliance! The GreenSeal® Alliance brings together industry-wide expertise to support the transition of lead battery manufacturers to GreenSeal® bipolar battery technology. QSI is very excited to be a part of this movement. We have provided mold design expertise and custom insert molding machinery to help advance the growth of bipolar battery technology. For more information about GreenSeal® Alliance please click button below.

What’s new in Automation?

Robots! Lots and lots of Fanuc robots. Below are just a few of the Fanuc Robots we’ve put to work recently. Lately, it  feels like we are a staffing recruiter for the robot world.

Why robots are the answer: Versatility/Flexibility.

Robots are getting bigger, stronger and faster all the time. Pricing gets more competitive each year.

Lead time improvements – engineering time is  precious  and robots can take the place of prehistoric pneumatic pick and place heads, which could take hours or days to design and detail.

*Please give us a call with any of your robot applications or email us at

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QSI is growing in more ways than one!

Building Expansion Complete!

QSI’s 16,000 sq. ft. expansion is complete and all departments have either moved  into  their new space or soon will be. It  took time, planning, and patience to make this happen, but was well worth the short term inconvenience.

Come see us for a tour.

New faces & new rols for the QSI Team.

We are pleased to announce that Ben Long has joined QSI’s team as an Automation Project Manager. Ben will be filling one of two Automation Project Manager positions for us. Ben started his automation career over 18 years ago and comes to QSI with a wealth of knowledge in engineering, automation, and project management.

Zac Baker, who has been with QSI for more than 25 years, has accepted a new role also as an Automation Project Manager. Ben and Zac will work in tandem to manage our current and future automation growth.

We are also pleased to announce that Mark Garrison has re-joined the QSI team and will be our Mold & Machinery Sales Manager. Mark was part of the QSI team several years ago and we are happy to have him back! He has worked for several plastics equipment manufacturers including Autojectors, Milacron, Van Dorn and Conair. His 30-year career also includes several years with the Plastics Industry Association in Washington, D.C

We have also added other support personnel to strengthen our capabilities so that we can continue to grow and help our customers be successful.

Re-Investing in our future.

QSI has recently invested in equipment focused on our mold making capabilities. Our toolroom, and their capabilities, are an integral part to QSI’s success. It is imperative that we keep up with customer demand and technology. The recent building expansion has opened up the space required for this new equipment.

Okamoto Surface Grinder 20″ x 40″
Haas Mini Mill with 40K RPM Capability
Makino Edge 3 Sinker EDM

Semi-Automated Assembly Cell

This operator attended assembly cell recently shipped from QSI’s facility, headed for its final destination. QSI technicians will set the system up on our customer’s floor and perform another runoff. QSI will also provide the training required for maintenance personnel and operators.

The automation includes:
8 –  Fanuc 200iD Robots
2 – Rotary Dial Tables
2 – Grease pumps
2 – Keyence Laser Markers
1 – Allen Bradley PLC
2 – PanelView HMI’s
2 – Offload conveyors
10 second cycle time

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Are you making your 3-D printer work for you?

3D printing technology is certainly at the forefront of technology these days. There are many options out there to choose from. The applications are endless.

In the past, QSI would outsource anything that was best suited for 3D printing. A few months back, we justified the investment to purchase our first printer.

Before long, one turned into two, and the third arrived this morning. We continue to find more and more applications that make sense to 3D print versus machining out of steel, aluminum, or plastic.

Choosing the right printer for your application is critical. QSI chose to invest in a printer that offered the ability to print with continuous fiber material or CFF (Continuous Fiber Fabrication) for strength and durability.

Making an assessment of things that can be printed versus machined is the key. Why not 3D print part fixtures for automation? Most part fixtures are wear items and need to be replaced over time. If you can offer quick turnaround, low cost replacements, then it makes sense to 3D print them. Below are some examples of tooling that we have printed:

Building expasion update

Building coming along nicely. We’re still planning on being moved in and ready to go by the first of 2019!

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QSI Announces building expansion for its 30th Anniversary!

Due to market demand and a growing customer base, QSI Automation will expand its  current Churubusco facility  by 16,000 sq. ft. This addition will allow just over 40,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space at this location.

We are thankful to the loyal customers we’ve had the pleasure of working with over our 30 years in business. We’re also thankful to have formed new partnerships that have helped confirm our decision to expand.

Plans are to break ground in July and have the expansion project completed by the end of 2018.

This makes the fifth expansion since our inception in 1988.

“This is an exciting time for us at QSI. This is a much needed  expansion that will benefit QSI and all of our customers moving forward. Reinvestment in our future was the goal here.” Vice President J.T. Munk.

What’s new in Automation

QSI recently delivered this semi-automatic, operator loaded system that included:

  • 5 Fanuc six-axis robots
  • 2 rotary dial tables
  • 6 QSI vibratory feeder bowls
  • 2 screw feeders
  • 2 automated screw drive heads
  • 1 laser marker
  • 2 out feed conveyors

The challenge: How do we access 3 sides of the part on the dial and still meet a 10 second cycle time?

The solution: Add a rotary function to the part nests on the dial table to limit unnecessary moves from the robots. (see below)

QSI is honored to have received this award from Fanuc Robotics in 2016 & 2017. We are working hard to three-peat for 2018! (#fanucrobot)

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