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If you are curious about what is behind our logo and can’t wait for the official release from our Plastics Machinery Group in a few weeks, please contact Mark Garrison for more information.

QSI joins GreenSeal® Alliance…

We are happy to announce that QSI has joined the GreenSeal® Alliance! The GreenSeal® Alliance brings together industry-wide expertise to support the transition of lead battery manufacturers to GreenSeal® bipolar battery technology. QSI is very excited to be a part of this movement. We have provided mold design expertise and custom insert molding machinery to help advance the growth of bipolar battery technology. For more information about GreenSeal® Alliance please click button below.

What’s new in Automation?

Robots! Lots and lots of Fanuc robots. Below are just a few of the Fanuc Robots we’ve put to work recently. Lately, it  feels like we are a staffing recruiter for the robot world.

Why robots are the answer: Versatility/Flexibility.

Robots are getting bigger, stronger and faster all the time. Pricing gets more competitive each year.

Lead time improvements – engineering time is  precious  and robots can take the place of prehistoric pneumatic pick and place heads, which could take hours or days to design and detail.

*Please give us a call with any of your robot applications or email us at