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QSI Automation, Inc. offers decades of experience in designing and building vibratory feeder equipment. Among the products QSI provides are vibratory feeder bowls, vibratory inline tracks and storage hoppers for automatic feeding, orientation, and sorting. QSI also supplies floor bin hoppers with attached elevating conveyors and sound enclosures.

QSI has designed and built vibratory feeder bowls for a wide array of parts. This vast experience allows for early recognition of potential feeding and sorting problems. The result is a quality vibratory feeder bowl built in a responsive lead time. We also install a self-tuning system on our feeding equipment. Whether the vibratory feeder bowl is low on parts or filled to capacity, this system automatically tunes the bowl for consistent feed rates.

Vibratory Feeder Bowls

Vibratory feeder bowls create movement of parts through an electromagnetic drive that vibrates, causing the parts to move up a spiraling track around the inside and/or outside of the vibratory feeder bowl. Parts that have the correct alignment and/or orientation pass through while those that do not return to the bowl to be recirculated or rejected as bad parts.

Inline Tracks

Inline tracks are automated feeding devices used to sort, move, and hold in queue parts in the assembly process.

Feeding Components & Products

Combined, our feeding components & products ensure that parts are moved through the assembly process both quickly and efficiently.

Vibration Monitoring for Consistent Feeding

Vibration monitoring ensures that the vibratory feeder bowls are consistent.

Products & Services

Inline Tracks – Vibratory, Gravity, Air Ride, Belt Conveyors
Base/Mounting Plates

Component Replacement Supplier
Deadnest, Escapement, Pick and Place

Sound Enclosures – Soft Sided or Hard Sided

On-Site Service
Storage Hoppers – Vibratory and Elevator Conveying
Special Coating – Abrasion resistant to protect parts and bowls
Retrofit Existing Bowls